What's This Going To Cost?


What's this going to cost?

Replacing your heating and air conditioning system should be considered an investment in your home.  It's not an appliance such as a dishwasher or even a TV.  It is the largest energy consumer in your home.  It is typically the single largest investment you make in your home. 

Four (4) factors determine the size of investment in your home comfort system.  Two of them you can't change, two you can.    Your homes Technical and Code Requirements can't be changed.  The technical requirements determine the actual capacity of the system you need.  50% of the systems in homes are not sized correctly.  Code requirements are dictated by the city, state, and federal government and the manufacture for you safety.  Just as technology changes, so do these requirements.

The two factors you can change are Environmental Choices and People Choices.  Environmental choices include energy efficiency, comfort-enhancing options, purity and freshness of the air you breathe, and convenience in operation and maintenance.  Put these together and you have over 40 options to choose from.  Society if full of different kinds of people and you have the choice of who you want in your home.  You get to choose the type of people with a commitment to excellence, their expertise, character, morals, and ethics to invite into your home.

With these 4 factors, you have a large say in the investment of your new system.  It takes 60-90 minutes to evaluate and go through these choices that you have so you can decide the options which are important to you. 


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