Equipment Replacements

Would You Like To Get A $2199 Furnace For $653?

  • Manufacturer rebates up to $1400
  • Utility Rebates up to $600

Then call DASH today for the once a year Free Furnace Sale. We only have 32 systems in limited sizes so take advantage before we’re out of stock.

Call for additional details….224-DASH (3274)


  • Are you ready to stop OVER Paying the utility companies?  If so, call and ask about our Heating Super Tune Up Special.  If you want to save even more, ask about our Club Membership.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Are you ready for the sneezingitchy eyes, and runny nose of the Arkansas pollen season?  Would you like to clean the Green out of the air?  Give us a call about our Air Ranger, air cleaner.  Clean the pollen out of the air instead of breathing it in.